Handrail Extension

Extending safety handrail for Alternating Tread Stair Roof Hatches

Handrail Extension Details

For use with Optional and Flush Handrail Carbon Steel Alternating Tread Stair models (only)
Extends the safety of the alternating tread stair beyond the handrail for rooftop hatch application
Attaches to both 56-degree and 68-degree Alternating Tread Stairs models
Not for use with Aluminum, Galvanized, or Stainless Steel Alternating Tread Stairs

Handrail Extension Pricing and options
$985.00 Aluminum handrail with anodized coating

Handrail Extension Specifications
The Handrail Extension is a protracting handrail that mounts to the side of an Alternating Tread Stair with either Optional or Flush handrails.
The handrail extension can only be mounted to carbon steel stairs.
The handrail extension is made of aluminum with an anodized finish.
The handrail extension extends between 35" and 44" above the top riser in the up position. (Depending on handrail and stair angle.)

Handrail Extension Resources
Technical, design, and installation downloads for the Handrail Extension
CAD Renderings
Installation Instruction
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