Performance tread systems

Our Quiet Grip™ and Fast Grip™ tread systems.

Value-added product options

Our Quiet Grip™ and Fast Grip™ tread systems.


Fast Grip™ tread system

Abrasive epoxy tread coating
Economical solution for non-slip surfaces
Available in clear, black, or gray


Long-lasting traction and durability for foot traffic
Resistant to water, solvents, and chemicals
Eco-friendly, 100% solid epoxy with zero VOC
Hard, two-component epoxy for a long wear life
Applied to value-engineered metal plate treads
Arrives on site ready to install
Optional protective coverings are available

Code compliance

Coefficient of friction meets or exceeds:
OSHA Standard 1910.22
ADA Coefficient of Friction Guidelines
ASTM Specifications


Fast Grip™ is shop-applied to the surface of metal plate treads and each tread is then welded into place. Your order ships to you as a ready-to-install, fully assembled stair.

Quiet Grip™ tread system

Cost-effective, sound-dampening, non-slip tread system for egress stair
Ships ready for construction use with an easy-to-remove, heavy-duty protective covering
Available in choice of custom powder coat color

Quiet Grip™ specifications


Less noise and reverberation than other metal tread systems
Pre-finished with a durable, code-compliant, non-slip coating
Quicker to install than poured concrete tread systems
Ships ready for construction use

Code compliance

Provides a coefficient of friction that meets:
OSHA Standard 1910.22
ADA Coefficient of Friction Guidelines
IBC and NFPA Specifications

Cost comparison

Five-story tower with 90 risers and five landings
Quiet Grip™ includes protective covering for construction use
Concrete includes temporary inserts and cost of concrete

Quiet Grip™





Per riser




Per landing




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