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EHS Today Webinar: Stairway Design for Safety and Ergonomics

Free CEU Course: Delegated Design of Metal Stair System
Course description
A one-hour course to review the overall process for the delegated design of metal stair systems. This highly coordinated process involves several different parties such as: architects, engineers, contractors, and metal stair manufacturers. As new software technologies and stringent criteria for design of metal stairs emerge, it is important for all parties to understand their role in the process to achieve the maximum benefit. This session will help design professionals understand their role in the metal stair delegated design process, benefits and challenges of the process, as well as best practices to eliminate issues and bottlenecks.
Learning objectives
Describe the delegated metal stair design process and how the roles of each party can increase the safety and efficiency of a project
Explain the benefits of a delegated metal stair design process and how it ensures a safe, and durable installation
Discuss the best practices of documentation, BIM Coordination, and information flow required in a delegated metal stair design process
Identify key issues, bottlenecks, and sources of error within a delegated metal stair design process and understand how to eliminate them
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