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Alternating Tread Crossover Stair
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OEM Integrations

Original Equipment Manufacturers, does your machinery require routine or regular workplace access or maintenance? Our team of designers and engineers can create and fabricate a turn key solution.

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Proven OEM Integration Success

Unique Solutions to Everyday Problems

Lapeyre Stair works with a wide range of original equipment manufacturers to design, engineer, and fabricate routine access and maintenance solutions.

Our custom, safety-focused, OSHA- and IBC-compliant solutions provide additional and experienced design, engineering, and fabrication resources to your team.

Customized Designs

All Lapeyre Stair products are custom built to your specifications.

Repeatable Excellence

We specialize in creating vertical access solutions for space-constrained applications.

Precision Built

Our integrations are built to exact specifications, with increments every 1/8th of an inch.

Fast Lead Times

Our lead times are fast and guaranteed on time.

Fixed ladder hazards? What does OSHA have to say?

OSHA 2017 Update: “Employers should provide stairs for regular or routine operational use including access to equipment.”

OEM Integration Resources

Solutions for Any Size

We’ll work with you to design compliant solutions to your exact needs, down to a fraction of an inch.

Custom Configurations

OEM Integration Capabilities

Alternating Tread Stair DimensionsHeights: 24" - 240"
Width: 23.5"
Industrial Stair DimensionsHeights: 24" - 240"
Width: 24" - 48"
Commercial Stair DimensionsHeights: 24" - 144"
Width: 36" - 60"
IndustriesMaterial Handling, Automotive, Bulk Material Handling, Canning & Bottling, Wastewater, Food Processing, Pet Food Processing, Consumer Package Goods, ASRS Systems Port Access,
ApplicationsConveyor Crossovers, Elevated Conveyor Access
MaterialsCarbon Steel
Aluminum (alternating tread stair only)
Stainless Steel (alternating tread stair only)
FinishesPowder Coated Safety Yellow
Powder Coated Iron Gray
Choice of Color, Powder Coat (RAL)
Gray Primer
Natural (stainless steel and aluminum only)
IBC Industrial
IBC Commercial
TreadsDiamond Plate
Grip Strut
Bar Grating
Concrete Pan
System ConfigurationsStandard Crossover Stairs
"U" Shaped Crossover Stairs
"L" Shaped Crossover Stairs
"Z" Shaped Crossover Stairs
Straight Egress
Capacity1,000 lbs

About Lapeyre Stair's OEM Integration Services

There is nothing more important than delivering the right integration and access solution, on time, and on budget. We have delivered crossover integrations, mezzanine access, and elevated conveyor access for the material handling and automotive industries since 1981.

When selecting your next integration partner, here is where we shine.

Opportunities for Service

Your needs set our expectations. This is how we’ve operated for decades, capturing and documenting what works and applying that knowledge with each new project. We work with you to first define and then deliver success. 

Unique Solutions for Complex Problems

There is no off-the-shelf or out-of-the-box solution when it comes to integrating a series of stairs and platforms in and around conveyor systems. With precision variances to a 1/8th of an inch and an array of materials, our solutions are only limited by your imagination.

Compliance First, Safety Always

Whether you are implementing our alternating tread stairs or standard industrial stairs within your system, you can rest assured that our specialists, engineers, and designers begin and end with OSHA and IBC codes guiding the way.

Customer Service & Pride in Workmanship 

From your first quote through delivery and installation, our team of customer service specialists, integration experts, designers, engineers, and builders are standing by. 

Photos of OEM Integrations Installations

Popular Integrator Applications

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