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Alternating Tread Crossover Stair
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Roof Access Stairs: Custom Rooftop Access Staircase Systems

Roof Access Stairs

Industrial roof access stairs: Our custom rooftop access stairs & roof access hatch systems meet all requirements for OSHA & IBC roof stair access requirements
roof access stairs

Custom Rooftop Access Staircase Systems

Lapeyre Stair’s roof access stairs are built to last. Our heavy-duty carbon steel designs come standard with:

  • Compliant with both IBC-Industrial and Commercial standards
  • Arrives assembled, ready to install
  • Carbon steel, stainless, aluminum options
  • Choice of powder coated colors or galvanized finish
  • Choice of treads and tread widths
  • Custom heights to meet your needs
  • Provides safe, secure access and egress to/from unoccupied roofs
  • Crossover stair configurations available for parapets
Customized Designs

All Lapeyre Stair products are custom built to your specifications.

Reduced Footprint

When used for rooftop hatch access, the alternating tread stair can eliminate the need for additional structures.

Safe, Secure Access

Our roof hatch stair systems provide safe, secure access.

Precision Built

Our stairs are custom built to exact specifications with increments every 1/8th of an inch.

New Product Alert:
Handrail Extension

For use with Optional and Flush Handrail Carbon Steel Alternating Tread Stair models (only)

  • Extends the safety of the alternating tread stair beyond the handrail for rooftop hatch application
  • Attaches to both 56-degree and 68-degree Alternating Tread Stairs models
  • Not for use with Aluminum Alternating Tread Stairs
Handrail Extension in Use

Photos of Roof Access Stairs Installations

Roof Access Hatches

Alternating tread stairs are built to exact, vertical height. For roof hatches, the height is measured from where the top landing of the stair is flush with the finished surface of the roof to the lower, finished floor where the foot of the stair will be secured.

Alternating tread stairs going to roof hatches include options handrails, which are designed to fit within a standard 12″ hatch curb; they extend 5¾” above the top landing on steel stairs and 3¾” above the top landing on aluminum stairs.

ATS Roof Access Hatch

Roof Access Stairs Technical Specs

Alternating Tread StairHeights: 24" - 240"
Widths: 24"
Industrial (Standard) StairHeights: 18" - 240"
Widths: 24" - 60"
Application OptionsFloor, Vault, Pits, Roof
MaterialsCarbon Steel
Aluminum (alternating tread stair only)
Stainless Steel (alternating tread stair only)
FinishesPowder Coated Safety Yellow
Powder Coated Iron Gray
Choice of Color, Powder Coat (RAL)
Gray Primer
Galvanized, recommended for all outdoor applications
ComplianceIBC Commercial
IBC Industrial
TreadsBar Grating
Concrete Pan
Grip Strut
Diamond Plate
Capacity1,000 lbs
RisersOpen or Closed

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