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Last Updated: 11/9/2006

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We at Lapeyre Stair, Inc., take your privacy seriously and do not want to violate your trust. Our goal is to provide you with useful information. In registering for certain services offered on our site, you may be asked to provide personal data. We help you control the contents of your personal data, which will be known only to you and to Lapeyre Stair. We will not share your personal data with anyone outside Lapeyre Stair.

We only ask for specific personal data

If you want to take advantage of certain services, such as receiving customized quotes or prints of our products, requesting further information, or placing an order on-line, we collect some information based on the type of request. Some forms require a name, company name, and zip code for shipping calculations, and some require full address and/or fax number. The required information is listed on each form, and fields exist for additional optional information. We also offer an option to register with our site to save your information for future visits, though this is not required. If you choose to register, we ask you to give us any necessary data to complete your request. The form may require your name, phone and fax numbers, email address, company name and address, your company title, or what your company does.

We keep your personal data confidential

The personal data you provide, orders you place, and products you buy will not be given or sold to any outside organization. Your information may be shared with agents and contractors of Lapeyre Stair only in their performance of services in connection with your request.

We let you keep your personal information accurate

If you choose to register, you can use the Update Account Registration link on our Web site to update or modify your personal data. To delete your account, send an email with your name, company name, and email address to

We use your email address for a limited purpose

We will use your email address only to correspond with you in connection with your request and/or orders, or to make announcements on new product lines, to make you aware of specials, etc. We will provide an option for you to opt out of such announcements if you so choose.

We do not use long term cookies

A cookie is a small collection of information about you stored by a web site on your computer’s hard drive. The Lapeyre Stair site does not use cookies that remain on your computer. We do use a session based authentication process that creates a temporary cookie so that registered users who sign in do not have to sign in multiple times to access various sections of the site. Once the session ends, the cookie is destroyed. They do not affect unregistered users or registered users who do not log in during a particular session.

We want to hear your complaints, comments and problem reports

If you experience any problems or have any comments, questions, or complaints about our Web site or this Privacy Policy, you may email them to