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Industrial Work Platforms

Steel custom work platforms that are OSHA compliant and provide custom-built safe access for daily operations, and routine maintenance

Steel custom work platforms that provide safe, compliant access where needed

Heavy-duty industrial work platforms that are OSHA compliant and provide safe access for daily operations, routine maintenance, or any other application

Custom Configurations. Built to Last.

Same Day Drawings

Our designers and customer service experts work with you to deliver pricing and drawings within 24 hours.

Customized to Your Needs

Lapeyre Stair work platforms are designed to integrate seamlessly into facilities and facilities across a wide range of industries and applications and are built to precise dimensions, down to the 1/8th of an inch.

Simple On-Site Assembly

Our knock-down design ships flat, arrives ready to assemble, and required no welding or expensive equipment for installation.

Heavy Duty

Our heavy-duty materials and guaranteed precision combine to product a product that is built to last.

OSHA, IBC Compliance Experts

Our team of designers, engineers, and customer service experts will consult with, architects and contractors as well as safety and operational personnel to make sure your build is compliant, safe, and meets your needs.

Cost Effective

Custom, pre-engineered industrial metal stairs are the perfect, cost-effective solution for retrofits and renovations.

Work Platform Rendering

Work Platform Code Compliance

OSHA Compliant Badge

OSHA-compliant stairs

Our OSHA-compliant industrial stairs are intended for use in facilities designated as employee workspaces such as factories and manufacturing facilities. OSHA stairs can be used on both the interior and exterior of these locations to access equipment, platforms, mezzanines, pits, or other floors.

IBC Compliant Badge

IBC-compliant stairs

The design of IBC stairs is determined by the type of building where they will be used and its occupancy. Our stairs that comply with IBC commercial egress standards are also ADA-compliant.


Work Platform Design

Industrial Work Platform Specifications

Formed Work Platform Specifications

Formed industrial work platforms are compatible with alternating tread stairs and OSHA-compliant bolted access stairs. They are ideal for crossovers, equipment access, intermediate landings and exit landings.

Design Specifications & Options
Constructed of a single piece of formed metal
Standard platform decking surface is constructed of 3/16" diamond plate
Choice of standard layouts and sizes or custom sizes up to 54" X 144"
Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
Mounting hardware and clamps are included
OSHA-compliant fall protection system §1910.29
Guardrails on all exposed sides
1½" round tube construction
42" top-edge rail heigh
Horizontal midrails

Drop-in Work Platforms

Ideal for complex stair systems and custom configurations

Design Specifications & Options
No size limitation.
Available in carbon steel or stainless steel.
Guardrail system with choice of full baluster.
Decking options include diamond plate, bar grate, smooth plate, and concrete pan.

Work Platform Safety and Support

Industrial Work platform legs and bracing are computer-calculated based on system requirements and applications. Supports are designed to integrate with both formed and drop-in platforms to create self-supporting stair systems.

Industrial Work Platform Legs
Constructed of 3" or 4" square tube
¾" thick bottom base plates with four bolts
¼" thick top plates attach under platform
Multi-level system legs connect to platform sides
Industrial Work Platform Cross Bracing
Added to the legs of taller units as needed
Maximizes the stability of the system
Mounting brackets are welded to the legs
Bolt into place with stainless steel hardware

Work Platform Applications

Our Industrial Work Platforms In Use

Work Platform Technical Specs, Downloads

Search commercial stair specifications, data sheets, design, technical, installation files

Measuring guidelines, sample prints, standard dimensions, connection details, and more.

Work Platform Resources

An Approved U.S. Government Vendor

For 40 years, Lapeyre Stair has built a reputation for understanding the unique challenges our customers face and having a keen appreciation for the ever-evolving nature of workplace safety and compliance. We’re committed to helping facilities across the country provide safety and efficient operations. It’s what drives us to continually develop innovative products that deliver exceptional value.

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