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Industrial Mezzanine Stairs: Prefabricated Steel & Aluminum Systems

Mezzanine Stairs

Our prefabricated steel and aluminum systems are available with standard (OSHA) and alternating tread stairs and are designed to provide safe, compliant mezzanine access and meet your specified code requirements.
Mezzanine stairs, alternating tread stairs,

Industrial Mezzanine Access Stair Benefits

Our OSHA and IBC-compliant industrial mezzanine access stairs can leverage space-saving alternating tread stairs or standard industrial stairs when space is not a concern. Our custom systems are a cost-effective option for providing mezzanine access for workers.


Flexible Components

Our products incorporate interchangeable components that are pre-engineered to comply with applicable OSHA and IBC standards.

Custom Design

All Lapeyre Stair products are custom-built to your specifications.

Increased Safety

Alternating tread stairs are a safer alternative to vertical ladders and ships stairs when dealing with space-constrained situation. 

Reduced Footprint

Alternating tread stairs require a smaller overall footprint than standard stairs because of their steeper slope of either 56 or 68 degrees

Photos of Mezzanine Stairs Installations

Mezzanine Platforms Technical Specs

Industrial Stair DimensionsHeights: 18" - 240"
Width: 24" - 60"
Commercial Stair DimensionsHeights: 18" - 144"
Width: 36" - 60"
Stair TypesAlternating Tread Stairs
Industrial Stairs
Commercial Stairs
MaterialsCarbon Steel
Aluminum (alternating tread stair only)
Stainless Steel (alternating tread stair only)
FinishesPowder Coated Safety Yellow
Powder Coated Iron Gray
Choice of Color, Powder Coat (RAL)
Gray Primer
TreadsDiamond Plate
Bar Grate
Concrete Pan
Grip Strut
IBC Industrial
IBC Commercial
Capacity1,000 lbs
RisersOpen or Closed

About our Mezzanine Stairs

Why Lapeyre Stair?

We’ve been working with leading companies for over 40 years to ensure your workers have safe and convenient access to all levels of your facility. Our custom stair systems are a cost-effective option for providing safe and convenient mezzanine access for workers.

Our OSHA and IBC-compliant industrial mezzanine access stairs can leverage space-saving alternating tread stairs or use standard industrial stairs when space is not a concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

How wide are mezzanine stairs?

The width of mezzanine stairs depends on whether they are used in industrial or commercial settings. Industrial mezzanine stairs, which are accessible only to specific workers as part of their work duties, are constructed in widths from 24” to 60”. Commercial mezzanine stairs, accessible to the general public or part of the structure of a building, are built in widths of 36” to 60”.

What is the purpose of a mezzanine?

The purpose of a mezzanine is to increase the usable floor space of a building without increasing the size of the building itself. A mezzanine serves as an intermediate floor between levels of the building and can be used for storage, equipment or work areas.

Do mezzanine stairs need to be enclosed?

Mezzanine stairs do not need to be enclosed. However, they must comply with other applicable OSHA or IBC standards.

What is a mezzanine story?

A mezzanine story is an intermediate level of a building that is located between the main floors. Usually, a mezzanine story is not counted in the total number of the floors of the building.

Lapeyre Stair Team

Customer Care Guarantee

With over 600 years of combined knowledge, our in-house designers, engineers, and customer service team will jump on the phone or set up a virtual call when needed.

Mezzanine Access Stair Resources

Equipment Access Stair Solutions for Any Size

From air handling units to injection molding machines, our designers, engineers, and production team are standing by, ready to build the perfect system to meet your needs.

Don't just take our word for it

Our standard product designs incorporate interchangeable components that are pre-engineered to comply with applicable codes and standards.


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