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Why Lapeyre Stair should be your primary access solution partner

Ever since the Original Lapeyre Alternating Tread Stair set the standard for industrial access and efficiency in 1981, our commitment to improving workplace safety and compliance continues to lead the industry.

Partnering with Lapeyre Stair is just the first step to reaching new heights.

Identifying Opporunities

We'll train your team to understand the full range of utility our product line provides.

Consistent Quality

Our high production standards create a foundation for repeatable success.

Lead Times

Our lead times outpace industry standards and are guaranteed.

For 40 Years

Our products and services have set the standard for safety and compliance. 

Interested in carrying the Lapeyre Stair line?

About Lapeyre Stair's distribution services

Lapeyre Stair works hand in hand with our distribution partners to meet the needs of industries coast to coast. When selecting stair and platform systems, here are the critical values you should take into account before settling on a manufacturer.

Replicable Excellence

The right stairs are not as simple and readily available as you may think. When you need to replace or replicate an existing design you need to know the company manufacturing them can deliver exactly what you need time and time again.

Expand your Knowledge Base

Ever since we developed and patented the original Lapeyre Alternating Tread Stair in 1981, we have been dedicated to solving our client’s access issues by manufacturing state-of-the-art industrial and commercial access solutions. When you partner with us, you gain insight and access to that knowledge base. 

Sales and Marketing Support

Got a question? Our team of customer service specialists, account managers, and marketing strategists are at your fingertips.

Our Guarantee

Lapeyre Stair stands behind every weld, nut, and bolt, and our lead times outpace industry standards and are guaranteed.

Lead Generation

Our marketing strategies and nationwide reputation open doors. Once you’re inside, we work with your sales teams to identify solutions and convert.


Product Training

Every Lapeyre Stair partner undergoes an extensive training program that focuses on product knowledge and identifying opportunities for service; which includes compliance concerns and opportunities to increase workplace safety and improve efficiencies across a wide array of industries and applications. 

Product Knowledge

All Lapeyre Stair Products

OSHA, IBC Compliant Applications

Since the development of the Original Lapeyre Alternating Tread Stair in 1981, our designers and engineers have serviced a wide range of industries by developing OSHA- and IBC-compliant, space-saving, and safety-focused applications..

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