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Metal Warehouse Loading Dock Stairs With Handrail

Loading Dock Stairs

Our custom metal warehouse loading dock stairs with handrails are heavy-duty, built-to-last, IBC Commercial and Industrial compliant and available with standard, door-swing, and area of refuge platform options.
Commercial Loading Dock with Area of Refuge

Warehouse Loading Dock Stair Benefits

Lapeyre Stair’s Loading Dock Stairs are built to last. Our heavy-duty carbon steel designs come standard with:

  • Compliant with IBC-Industrial, IBC Commercial, IBC-ADA, and OSHA standards
  • Arrives with handrails and guardrails plus platform with guardrails and legs
  • Optional number of legs (2 or 4) based on calculated system requirements
  • Choice of custom powder coated or galvanized carbon steel finish
  • Choice of treads and tread widths
  • Custom heights to meet your needs
  • Three configurations to choose from; standard, door swing, and area of refuge.
Customized Designs

All Lapeyre Stair products are custom built to your specifications.

Flexible Components

Our products incorporate interchangeable components that are pre-engineered to comply with applicable OSHA and IBC standards.

All-metal Construction

Our products are built with durability in mind. 

Precision Built

Our stairs are custom built to exact specifications with increments every 1/8th of an inch.

On-time Delivery

With industry leading lead times, we work with you to make sure your loading dock stairs arrive on time.

Loading Dock Stair Technical Specs

Loading dock stair and platform systems can be customized to your exact specifications. The following specifications represent common or popular configurations and sizes.

Stair DimensionsHeights: 48" - 52"
Width: 48" or 60"
MaterialsCarbon Steel
FinishesPowder Coated Safety Yellow
Powder Coated Iron Gray
Choice of Color, Powder Coat (RAL)
Gray Primer
Galvanized, recommended for all outdoor applications
HandrailsIBC Commercial
IBC Industrial
TreadsDiamond Plate
Bar Grating
Grip Strut
Concrete Pan
Platform DimensionsStandard 48" width, 48" depth
Door Swing: 48" width, 60" depth
Area of Refuge: 90" width, 60" depth
Capacity1,000 lbs
RisersOpen or Closed

About our Loading Dock Stairs

Loading dock stair and platform systems create a critical throughway for employees and goods, and the quality of materials and craftsmanship should not be overlooked. 

When selecting your next set of loading dock stairs, here are four critical factors you should take into account before setting on a manufacturer.

Choose the right material

Galvanized and Powder-coated carbon steel options can meet the specific applications for your project. 

Understanding utility

While it may seem obvious, understanding the full range of utility your loading dock stairs are expected to provide is worth a second thought.

Measure twice, cut one

OSHA and IBC codes stipulate that certain elements and dimensions fall within a limited variance. 

Trust in your manufacturer

The right loading dock stairs are not as simple as you may think. When you need to replace or replicate an existing design you need to know the company manufacturing them can deliver exactly what you need.

Loading Dock Stair Resources

Photos of Loading Dock Stairs Installations

Solutions for Any Size

Are you battling unimaginable layouts and obstacles? Put our team of engineers and designers to work solving your access headaches. We’ll work with you to design compliant solutions to your exact needs, down to a fraction of an inch.

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