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Data Center Solutions

Whether you're operating an enterprise, co-location, hyper-scale, edge, or modular data center, we craft custom access stairs and platforms for generators, air handling units, roof-top HVAC configurations, and interior space constrained server farms.

Data Center Alternating Tread Stairs

Key Data Center Benefits

Even a cloud needs custom, compliant access solutions. As more information is stored digitally the operations of our nation’s data centers become more and more vital.  Put our team of designers to work to provide custom, compliant solutions to your access and egress needs.

Access Solutions

We are experts in creating air handling and generator platform access solutions.

Material Options

Our products are available in powder-coated and galvanized carbon steel and aluminum. Indoor, outdoor, temperature controlled. Custom colors to match  your hardware

Data Center Expertise

Lapeyre Stair has worked with leading data centers from coast to coast to develop equipment access and egress solutions.

Tight Space Experts

Our designers and engineers are accustomed to providing access solutions for solutions for tight, space-constrained areas. 

Data Centers Technical Specs

Equipment applicationsAir handling units, HVAC units, Generators, Rooftop equipment access, Roof access stairs, Piping crossovers, Cable management access, Server banks.
Possible issuesTight or confined equipment access needs, weather related erosion, fixed or folding ladder hazards.
ProductsEquipment Access Stairs
HVAC Platforms
Generator Platforms
Rooftop Access Stairs
Industrial Egress Stairs
Commercial Egress Stairs
Mezzanine Access
Code ComplianceOSHA
IBC Commercial
IBC Industrial
Recommended MaterialsPowder Coated Carbon Steel, Galvanized, Aluminum

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Fixed ladder hazards?

What does OSHA have to say about it?

OSHA 2017 Update: “Employers should provide stairs for regular or routine operational use including access to equipment.”

Don't just take our word for it

Our standard product designs incorporate interchangeable components that are pre-engineered to comply with applicable codes and standards.


Critical Maintenance Access

Providing clear, safe, and OSHA-compliant access to your facility’s critical equipment is critical. For routine access in space-constrained areas, look to the alternating tread stair which can save up to 50% of your floor space when compared to standard industrial stairs.