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Commercial Stairs

Pre-engineered, IBC and OSHA Compliant carbon-steel stairs, landings, and railings with easy-to-assemble erection bolt design.

Custom, Pre-engineered and Fabricated Steel Stairs and Landings for Commercial Use

IBC-compliant standard metal stairs with an easy-to-assemble, erection bolt design that can be installed without welding.

Safety First. Always Compliant.

Same Day Drawings

Our designers and customer service experts work with you to deliver pricing and drawings within 24 hours.

Simple On-Site Assembly

Our knock-down design ships flat, arrives ready to assemble, and requires no welding or expensive equipment for installation.

Build to Last

Lapeyre Stair's industrial metal stairs are heavy-duty and built to last.

Customized to Your Needs

Our custom designs are built to precise dimensions, down to the 1/8th of an inch.

IBC Compliance Experts

From guard towers and roof-top access to commercial egress and mezzanine applications, our team of stairs experts builds to your state's IBC standards.

Fast Lead Times

Our lead times outpace industry standards and are guaranteed.

Commercial Stairs Rendering

IBC Commercial Compliance

IBC requirements apply to stairs accessible by the general public and include stairs that are used as a means of egress from a building. These standards are focused on the safety of all people, including children and the eldery. 

The design of IBC stairs is determined by the type of building where they will be used and its occupancy. Our stairs that comply with IBC commercial egress standards are also ADA compliant. Most jurisdictions in the United States have adopted IBC standards as their base code. Check with your local code enforcement to ensure the stair designs for your project are compliant prior to issuing approval to us for production.

Commercial Stair Applications

Commercial Stairs In Use

Commercial Stair Resource Downloads

Search commercial stair specifications, data sheets, design, technical, installation files

Measuring guidelines, sample prints, standard dimensions, connection details, and more.

Commercial Stair Design

Commercial Stair Materials, Finished, Colors

Power Coated Carbon Steel

Durable powder coated finish for a range of applications

Design Specifications & Options

Custom built to exact height
Select custom colors from RAL color palette
Ships with rubber bumper attached to the center stringer
Overall width of 23"; inside handrail width of 20"
Minimum 8.5" tread depth
Handrails ship unattached and bolt into place during installation

Hot Dipped Galvanized Carbon Steel

Galvanized carbon steel stairs are ideal for outdoor or exposed applications

Design Specifications & Options

Custom built to exact height
Three-stringer design with alternating treads welded to the stringers
Ships with rubber bumper attached to the center stringer
Overall width of 23"; inside handrail width of 20"
Minimum 8.5" tread depth
Handrails ship unattached and bolt into place during installation

Additional Commercial Stair Products

Create a custom access solution with platforms, custom legs, and cross-bracing supports designed to easily integrate with our commercial and industrial access stairs.

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Why Lapeyre Stair

We’ve been working with commercial construction firms for more than 40 years to create  IBC compliant, prefabricated metal stairs designed to meet your unique specifications for virtually any application. Our crossover stair systems, equipment platforms, commercial egress stairs and roof access stairs can allow workers to safely and conveniently reach parapets, rooftop HVAC units and generators and piping.

We can collaborate directly with your architects and general contractors to create custom designs for your unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of a commercial staircase?

There is no typical size for a commercial staircase. They can be built with various dimensions depending on exact needs. However, most commercial stairs must be built to be compliant with IBC standards, which apply to stairs accessible by the general public or are part of the building structure. The design standards depend on building type and occupancy.

What are the rules for commercial stairs in the US?

Commercial stairs in the US must comply with IBC standards. Some of the specifications for IBC compliant commercial stairs are as follows: 

  • Stair width
    • Minimum 35” unobstructed width; 
    • Minimum total width 36” for < 50 occupants; Minimum total width 44” for > 50 occupants
  • Stair Angle
    • 19.98 to 32.47 degrees (inferred from tread and riser requirements)
  • Stair Height
    • Maximum 12’ height per single run
  • Headroom
    • Minimum 80” clearance
  • Landings
    • At least the width of the stair; travel distance equal to or greater than the width of the stair
  • Projected Tread Depth
    • 11” maximum
  • Riser Height
    • 7” maximum
  • Handrail Height
    • 34” to 38”
  • Number of Handrails
    • Two

What is the 7 11 rule for stairs?

The 7 11 rule for stairs states that the stair riser height should be a maximum of 7” and the tread depth a maximum of 11”. These dimensions are part of the IBC code which ensures safety for commercial stairways.

An Approved U.S. Government Vendor

For 40 years, Lapeyre Stair has built a reputation for understanding the unique challenges our customers face and having a keen appreciation for the ever-evolving nature of workplace safety and compliance. We’re committed to helping facilities across the country provide safety and efficient operations. It’s what drives us to continually develop innovative products that deliver exceptional value.

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