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Welcome to the new
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Welcome to the new

Alternating Tread Stair home page

You have probably noticed a few new features on our website, including an updated custom quote process as well as an e-commerce shop.

Custom Quotes

We’ve done our best to make our custom quote process a quick and easy way to connect with stair experts who can provide you with custom pricing and consultative advice, including product details and specifications and OSHA and IBC regulatory requirements.Custom Quote

The Shop

Automatic quotes and making a purchase are now easier than ever.

line item stair

New to the site is an e-commerce shop that houses every variation of our popular Lapeyre Alternating Tread Stair, from 24″ to 240″ at every 1/8 of an inch, in both 56 and 68 degrees, with 3 handrail options, and our standard material, finish, and color options, as well as additional product options like safety gates, mounting plates, and our new handrail extension.

That’s over 50,000 alternating tread stairs, just a click away. (In addition to every Alternating Tread Stair, we’ve made the most popular sizes of our industrial stairs, crossover stairs, and loading docks available as well.)

Existing customer? Verify your email with Lapeyre Stair by clicking on the “My Account” button at the top of the website and resetting your password via the “Lost your password?” link.┬áNew to Lapeyre Stair? Create your new account here as well.

Once you find your stair and add it to your cart, the shop quickly calculates local taxes as well as shipping costs and makes checkout easy with credit card processing and the “bill to account” option.”

Not ready to purchase? Save your selection(s) as a quote during checkout and a Lapeyre Stair customer service representative will contact you within 24 hours to provide drawings and process your order once approved.

Save as quote

Address changes, tax exemptions, and terms can be easily submitted, accessed, and applied from your dashboard as well.


If you need something special or require the expertise of a Lapeyre Stair customer service specialist, don’t worry, you can always use the Custom Quote Form or contact us directly.

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